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Snow Goggles Rose Mirror Lens Pink Frame
Snow Goggles Rose Mirror Lens Pink Frame

Snow Goggles Rose Mirror Lens Pink Frame

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  • Snow Goggles Rose Mirror Lens Pink Frame:Snow goggles with rose mirror lenses and Pink frame. These snow goggles have a smaller streamlined frame. These goggles offer a comfortable fit
Snow goggles with rose mirror lenses and Pink frame. These snow goggles have a smaller streamlined frame. These goggles offer a comfortable fit for sports enthusiasts. The double lenses in these snow goggles are polycarbonate and have the benefit of double sided anti-fog. The shatterproof lenses in these snow goggles are UV 400 and block the harmful UV rays of the sun. The snow goggles have a unique upper and lower venting system to maximize air circulation inside the goggles preventing sweat, condensation and fogging. Snow goggles have soft airy foam padding on the inside and comes with a microfiber pouch for safe cleaning and storage. The rose lenses in these snow goggles enhance contrast, enabling you to make out shapes, objects and bumps in the snow more clearly because it blocks out the blue or hazy end of the color spectrum.

High quality polyurethane rubber frame for a comfortable fit
Shatterproof polycarbonate double lens for maximum eye protection
UV400 filters eliminate the harmful UV rays of the sun
Scratch resistant coatings protect the lens from daily abuse
Unique vented frame design to promote air circulation
Soft high density foam for added comfort
Double-sided antifog coatings guarantee a clear field of vision
Rose mirror lenses enhance contrast
Includes microfiber pouch for cleaning & safe storage

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